10 Quotes – Remorse for what?

October 7, 2009

10 quotes from serial killers who on conviction really didn’t seem to bother themselves with any remorse or at least it appears that way.

Charles Manson

Charles Manson

1) Remorse for what? You people have done everything in the world to me. Doesn’t that give me equal right?

Charles Manson 1934 to date. Described as a career criminal, currently serving life in a Californian prison. Manson was convicted for murdering 2 men [in 1972] and for conspiracy to commit in the infamous Tate-La Bianca murders.  With an IQ of 109 and an apparent ‘intense need to call attention to himself’ he is a self proclaimed deistic figure with an apocalyptic vision. Manson attracted followers labelled ‘the family’ who he told he would protect during the up and coming Armageddon. Some of this family were convicted of carrying out the Tate-La Bianca murders. Manson apparently intrigues a lot of people as he receives 50,000 letters a year.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

2) You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God.

Ted Bundy1946 -1989 Bundy admitted to killing 30 women. He was generally described as an intelligent articulate and good looking young man with a promising future ahead of him.  Instead he spent 4 years murdering women by breaking into their homes or luring them to their deaths by disguise . In the last interview before his execution he cited violent hard core pornography as a contributory factor for his actions and expressed concern for its continuing evolution and availability.

Albert Fish Pelvis with needles

Albert Fish- pelvis with needles

3) None of us are saints.

Albert Fish 1870 – 1936.  Fish said he had killed around 23 people. He apparently had an array of ‘disorders’ and was judged to be “disturbed but sane” by a psychiatrist prior to any convictions. Fish murdered then ate his victims, and at his trial professed that he heard the voice of God telling him to kill children. He was sentenced to death by electric chair for killing three. Known to be fond of self harm he is claimed to have said that being electrocuted would be “the supreme thrill.”

Carl Panzram

Carl Panzram

4) In my lifetime I have broken every law that was ever made by both man and God…if either had made more I should have cheerfully broken them also.

Carl Panzram 1891 – 1930. Panzram was first arrested at 9, then at 11 he went to a child detention center, after joining the army he went on to their prison. Shortly after release he was imprisoned again and escaped; by then he claimed to have killed 20 people. From here he went to prison for theft where he said he would murder the first person who annoyed him which he did, and for which he was sentenced to death by hanging. Apparently delighted with this he refused to appeal and even threatened to kill any human rights people who tried to intervene. His last words were “hurry it up you Hoosier bastard, I could kill 10 men while you’re fooling around.”

Dennis Neilson

Dennis Nilson

5) I don’t lose sleep over what I’ve done or have nightmares about it.

Dennis Nilsen1943 to date. Dennis Nilsen killed at least 15 men the motivation for which is said to be that after a series of failed relationships, he sought somebody that wouldn’t leave. Nilsen was caught due to in his attempt to dispose of rotting corpses; he inadvertently blocked the drainage system in his block of flats causing a terrible smell. Authorities including Human Rights have had a tough time in deciding on matters re Nilsen – from providing him with homosexual pornography, allowing the publication of his autobiography and the issue of a possible release date.

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe

6) The women I killed were filth-bastard prostitutes who were littering the streets. I was just cleaning up the place a bit.

Peter Sutcliffe 1946 to date. Dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper, Sutcliffe confessed to killing 13 women and assaulting 7 within a period of 5 years in the North of England. Since his conviction in 1981 the police were heavily criticised for their apparent incompetence, the basis of this is that they relied heavily on evidence from a hoax. Forensics had found that the killer of one victim was a blood type B-secretor – 6% of the male population; on examining letters from this hoax they found that he was also blood type B [saliva on envelope] therefore when the hoaxer sent a tape with a ‘Geordie’ accent claiming to be the killer, investigators were told to eliminate suspects without certain criteria including this accent and blood type B. Sutcliffe was interviewed at least 9 times in connection with the killings but as he did not meet the criteria it never led to a more thorough investigation. Sutcliffe was finally caught on a routine matter and later confessed. He does not have a Geordie accent or is he a blood type B secretor.

Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez

7) Big deal, death always came with the territory. See you in Disneyland.

Richard Ramirez 1960 to date. In 1989 Ramirez was convicted of 67 felonies including 14 murders he is currently on death row in a Californian prison. A well liked child he was possibly affected by his cousin Mike, a psychopath who amongst other things shot his wife in the head whilst Ramirez aged 11 was present. After this he seemed to change and gradually began to take an increasing interest in the darker side of life including hard drugs and satan.  In 1985 he began a 6 month killing spree – unpredictable in victim selection and M.O. he was difficult to track down. Eventually a surviving victim saw what car he was driving giving the police and public the name and face of the killer dubbed the Night Stalker, within 24 hours  Ramirez was identified by a shopkeeper leading to his ‘mob’ capture and arrest.

Albert De Salvo

Albert De Salvo

It wasn’t as dark and scary as it sounds. I had a lot of fun….killing people is a funny experience.

Albert De Salvo 1931 – 1973 Dubbed the Boston Strangler De Salvo was in detention waiting for trial on a series of sexual assaults when he confided to another inmate that he had killed 13 women in Boston. After confessing to police they investigated further and although De Salvo was able to give some details of the killings he was not positively identified by a surviving victim or from eye witnesses. There was also speculation that the killings were the work of more than one man due to the differences in M.O. Whether he was the Boston Strangler or not is still uncertain as he was given life for his previous crimes and never stood trial for the Boston Killings. Alternative theories suggest that the man he allegedly confided in – George Nassar – was himself the Boston Strangler. De Salvo was murdered by ‘unknown’ in Walpole State Prison.

Robert Clifford Olson

Robert Clifford Olson

9) If I gave a shit about the parents I wouldn’t have killed the kid.

Robert Clifford Olson 1940 to date. Supposedly labelled by experts as the ‘quintessential psychopath’ in 1982 Olson was convicted of killing 11 children in a 9 month period. He was known to authorities having been arrested umpteen times in his life, and as a police informer. On his final arrest which connected him directly with one missing child Olson put a deal to the police that he would give the names and details of 11 children if they gave his wife $10,000 for each child he identified as murdered by him and one freebie = $100,000. A trust for his wife was set up,  the deal authorized by the Attorney General of British Columbia and monies transferred.

Ian & Myra

Ian & Myra

10) Contrary to popular misconception the so called Moors Murders were merely an existential exercise of just over a year, which was concluded in December 1964.

Ian Brady 1938 to date.  Brady is known for his role in the so called Moors Murders with his accomplice Myra Hindley. Brady was convicted of killing 3 children although he claimed to have killed 10. Hindley was convicted of killing 2 both were given life sentences. Brady’s philosophy on life was said to be one that championed cruelty & torture, and the idea that superior creatures had the right to control and destroy weaker ones. On his relationship with Hindley he said “….. before we met my criminal activities had been primarily mercenary. Afterwards, a duality of motivation developed. Existential philosophy melded with the spirituality of death and became predominant. We experimented with the concept of total possibility……apart our futures would have taken radically divergent courses.” Hindley died in 2001. Brady has failed several legal attempts to starve himself to death.

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